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Tuesday, March 11, 2014   9:00am - 1:00pm (includes Networking Luncheon)
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Presentations include:

Fast, Secure and Light Cryptography
Dr. Satoshi Iriyama, Faculty of Science and Technology
Tokyo University of Science

Based on our mathematical research, this cutting edge and advanced cryptography has been developed. It has epoch-making characters, 10 times faster than AES, stronger than Diffie-Hellman and usable in mobile environment.
“QP-DYN – Stream Cipher” is a new class of algorithms, based on advanced and innovative mathematical ideas and capable of exceptional performance even on mobile devices. Capable of encrypting any type of “stream data”: ranging from messaging systems to video transmission without introducing delay or redundancies. The advanced mathematical ideas used to obtain these algorithms make it possible to balance high encryption speeds with very little memory capacity or computing capacity required. It is also a very agile algorithm, highly scalable and with fast key exchange routines.
“QP-KEX – Public Key Exchange” is an innovative method for the creation of SSKs (Secret Shared Keys) between two subjects via the sharing of publicly exchanged information and of secret information that they keep personally, it is thus an asymmetric algorithm. Currently there are several cryptographic methods for Key Exchange, however, all of them are based on extremely rigid sets of mathematical structures and have almost no flexibility. However the QP-KEX class of algorithms is extremely flexible, and is notably stronger than current solutions. The QP-KEX structure is much different from the existing public key agreement algorithms.
Our algorithm is 10 times faster and enables to provide much stronger security, and its initial and running costs can be much lower than existing technologies. We believe that all exiting cryptography can be replaceable by ours in the near future.

Highly Accurate Detection Methodology for Identified Change
Dr. Naoyuki Aikawa, Department of Applied Electronics
Tokyo University of Science

We will introduce our techniques about the accurate detection of small "changes" buried in noise, which can respond many requests in automatic detections and controls. In image applications, our techniques are useful for the automatic extraction of the bloo vessel from CT images, the quick diacrisis of cancers with PET, and the improvement of the motion control accuracy, and so on.
Our techniques can also develop the audio signal processes, e.g., the noiseless audio communication, the vibration noise controll in buildings, and the reduction of acoustic feedback in the loud speaker.

Robust noise suppression for the additive white and colored disturbance
Nari Tanabe, Faculty of Engineering
Tokyo University of Science, Suwa

Extracting the desired signal from noisy speech signal (a signal corrupted with an additive noise) is an important topic and an active research area in various fields recently, such as CELLULAR PHONES, CAR NAVIGATION, and FACTORY/MEDICAL field. Several noise suppression methods have been proposed using single/multiple microphone. As is described in their articles, an increase in the number of microphones cannot be avoided when there are many noise sources, and it is difficult to build many microphones into the small mobile telephone on the implementations /applications of noise suppression. It is, herefore, important to develop the noise suppression method using a single microphone.
This presentation presents a robust noise suppression method for additive white and colored noises using canonical state space models with the colored driving source.
We show the effectiveness of our robust noise suppression method in the demonstration, Extract only FETAL HEARTBEAT! in medical field, Extract only STEREO BGM!! for MUSIC (Vocal and BGM) in life field, FACTRY NOISE SUPPRESSION!!! and so on.

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