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J A P A N   T E C H N O L O G Y   G R O U P     S E R V I C E S



Accelerate communication and collaboration

Direct access to Japanese industries and academia

We offer services for:

Technology Transfer Service



Wellspring Announces Japan Technology Group as a Channel Partner for Japan Market

Wellspring Worldwide, the leader in software for technology transfer and corporate innovation management, today appointed Japan Technology Group (JTG) as a strategic channel partner in Japan.
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Contract to research and identify European industrial technologies of high cooperation and business potential for Japan.

Japan Technology Group as member of the International Consortium has been awarded a contract to research and identify European industrial technologies of high cooperation and business potential for Japan. Click to see full details...


TECHNOLOGY VENTURING SERVICES, S.L.U ( everis Group, subsidiary of the NTT Data Group)

What people are saying
about JTG

“JTG has proven to be very dependable and as advertised, they are extremely well connected to the research community in Japan.  Their core expertise and approach to doing business are in alignment with our objectives.  As a result, we have been able to establish several strategic relationships and collaboration opportunities.”

University of Hawai‘i
Larry Cutshaw
Director Business Development, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation



JTG provides opportunities of direct access to hundreds of Japanese companies and research institutions who are seeking for a new technology and improved technique as well as potential opportunity for collaboration.

Technology Transfer Service

• University TTOs and research institutions

• Researchers and inventors

• Start-ups and small companies

• Technology providers and holders


Leverage Network

We leverage our extensive network in Japan to enhance and accelerate communication and collaboration in order to promote, foster and add value to technology and intellectual property transfer and R&D.


Partnering with Japanese companies

With our network of corporate innovation buyers and knowledge of market needs in Japan, JTG provide effective partnering opportunities with targeted companies.





• Market validation & assessment

• Identify licensing & commercialization opportunities

• Joint or funded research and development

• Contract negotiation and execution


Service includes:

Patent Management & Legal Service

JTG provide IP related legal services in Japan based on our strong expertise in intellectual property law in Japan.

Protecting assets in Japan

With over 10 years of specialized IP management expertise, you can trust us to protect your promising researches and technologies especially in Japanese market. Importantly we also offer expert advice on further potential development routes and access to funding in Japan.


Legal services in Japan

We offer a broad range of legal support in the areas of IP law and overall legal matters in Japan. Our services include managing IP portfolio as well as providing legal consultation related to technology transfer in Japan.



We also provide:

  • Communication support in every aspect of transactions
  • Setting up workshop and supporting arrangement to attend at a exhibition in Japan
  • Patent strategy support
Questions and inquiries concerning our services

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